Help and advice for ex-offenders

Help and advice for ex-offenders

Looking for work with a criminal record

When applying for work you should push the positives, such as your previous work experience, and skills you learnt in prison if you served time.

If you’re just starting your job search, try these tips:

  • use the internet and Jobcentre Plus phone service 0845 606 0234
  • check local and national papers
  • many jobs aren’t advertised and are filled by word of mouth — tell your friends and family you’re looking for work so they can keep an eye out for vacancies
  • don’t forget recruitment agencies - some of these specialise in temporary work, which can lead to permanent jobs
  • get help from someone at the Jobcentre Plus, a careers adviser or your probation officer.

You can get more advice on finding work and job hunting methods in our section on finding a job, and from Jobcentre Plus.

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