Retired Prison Governors Association

Retired Prison Governors Association

History of the Retired Prison Governors Association
In 1980 by Arthur Williamson started to publish the “Retired Governors Newsletter”. In 1987 following the formation of The Prison Governors Association, The PGA began to organise an annual gathering of Retired Governors. Initially called a “Garden Party” and held at the PSC Newbold Revel, it encouraged the setting up of the Retired Prison Governors Association. This was first suggested in 1996 and came into existence with its first annual general meeting in 1998 at Newbold Revel. The RPGA took on responsibility for the Newsletter and for Social Events from that time to the present day.


Membership of the RPGA is open to any person who was eligible to be a member of the PGA. The RPGA Committee may from time to time offer membership of the organisation to any person thought suitable.

Public Service Pensioners Council
The RPGA is a constituent member of the PSPC who were founded to represent the interests of retired public servants. We fund a committee member of the RPGA to be our representative on the PSPC

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Committee Members
An elected body drawn from RPGA members remain responsible to the Association members for the day to day running of the RPGA. Members are elected at the AGM and serve a four-year term of office, but may be re-elected to serve further terms of office at the end of their four year term.