No Offence! will be launched on Wednesday 8th June to bring all of criminal justice together in a brand new forum for the first time. 

Following on from a very successful pilot in which over 1700 members joined in 8 months from across 20 countries, the new independent website and forum, trading as a Community Interest Company, has been launched to fill a significant gap: to encourage all those who engage within criminal justice to come together in an independent, free, membership forum to network, build relationships and share information.

Cutting the costs of criminal justice is the number one priority for the UK government, currently costing £11bn per year and rising, £45,000 minimum per year for each offender (£2.38 cost per week for every UK taxpayer) 

Ken Clarke’s promise to reduce prison numbers is gaining momentum with the imminent release of the ‘Breaking the Cycle’ paper.  The government’s strategy to reduce prison numbers is based on what it calls the ‘Rehabilitation Revolution,’ which will see more offenders serving their sentences in the community rather than prison, meaning massive change for everyone.


Sue Allan, Chief Executive of No Offence! 

“Few people within criminal justice want to see prison numbers continue to rise, causing escalating costs as we have seen. Things have to change. The problem is criminal justice spans many services including, Prisons, probation, police, health, local authorities, and also those delivered by charities and private companies, who must all work together to address the complex issues which affect criminal justice. Never before has there been an online forum where those working across the entire criminal justice sector can come together so easily. The benefit of being able to join up services, share information and good practice through online communication is not rocket science but undoubtedly the opportunities and benefits for everyone are immense”


Dom Wood – Chief Executive, 1625 Independent People 

 “What it provides for me is the bank of experience and knowledge that I can learn from…well done all involved, the sum of the parts is amazing but ‘the whole’ is unbelievable.” 

The new forum will generate future income to support No Offence! by providing opportunity for organisations to recruit from within the membership at nominal advertising costs and also promote their events and services, with all profits ploughed back into the company with significant social benefit to the sector and to our communities.


The company consists of a small management team supported by an extensive bank of specialist volunteer moderators who feed specific specialist information into the forum and take part in and moderate discussions.

Please come and join us, together we have a louder voice


The criminal justice network

One voice for change

No Offence! CIC is a social enterprise, community interest company, not driven by private profit, which facilitates open access to and exchange of crime and justice information, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Our innovative and engaging approach facilitates the sharing of this information by instigating, supporting and encouraging communication and debate, which promotes wider understanding of complex criminal justice issues across society. By challenging barriers to positive change and influencing future policy, our objective is simple: to make a difference.

We have created a criminal justice information exchange service, which has become a centre for excellence, for the significant benefit of all who engage within the criminal justice sector.